Mgr. Kateřina Lipertová

  • Physics and Math Teacher at Church Grammar School, Pilsen
  • Head of the Pilsen-based regional centre of Elixir for Schools (Elixír do škol)

The IR cameras are built just how the students need them to be; they’re simple, easy to use and indestructible. And of course, interesting –⁠ they immediately bring children to action. They’re most useful in physics (although maybe that’s just my point of view because I’m a physicist) but even so, I wouldn’t be afraid to divert into the fields of chemistry or biology during classes. And I’m sure the children will come up with a creative idea you (nor we) have not thought of yet.

Mgr. David Bílek

  • Professional consultant at the Eduteam Lifelong Learning Center
  • Worked as a professional consultant for Fraus Publishing House Since 2015 a certified Google lecturer

In our mobile polytechnic laboratory EDUbus, we try to show schools the latest technologies that can be used in teaching. In addition to digital microscopes and, for example, popular robotics, we also offer infrared cameras. Especially recently, there is great interest in the promotion of this device and the programs associated with it. Among other things, we are equipped with infrared cameras, which were created at the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen and are designed directly for teaching. We use LabIR cameras for demonstration of standard work (search for hot and cold places, demonstration of thermal bridges or permeability of materials for thermal radiation) but we also seek for didactic-motivational activities (demonstration of thermal conductivity of materials, confirmation of the law of reflection for thermal radiation, etc.).

Mgr. Ing. Andrea Tláskalová

  • Teacher at primary school ZŠ J. V. Sládka Zbiroh
  • 2nd place in Global Teacher Prize Czech Republic 2017 awarded to inspirational teachers

Infrared cameras allow us to put a new angle on previously studied phenomena during classes. This opens up many opportunities for research using a technical device, which always has a tremendous motivational effect on both students and teachers. I have tested the IR cameras when lecturing teachers and the responses have been great!

PhDr. Jitka Soukupová

  • Teacher at Stříbro Gymnasium
  • Organiser and Evaluator of Science Cup competition

The IR camera has a significantly larger display than other cameras, its control is really simple and intuitive and infrared images can be saved as jpg. pictures on flesh disk. All these parameters increase its value for making the teaching of science and technology subjects more attractive.

Mgr. Vladimír Vochozka, Ph.D.

  • Assistant Professor at the Department of Applied Physics and Technology at the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice
  • Teaches Physics, IT, 3D printing and Physical Experiments at the primary school in Planá nad Lužnicí
  • Winner of ČEZ Ámos Award for the most popular Physics teacher of 2018

The opportunity to look at familiar and unfamiliar situations through a different lens was a motivational element at all types of schools. The use of IR cameras leads to a deeper understanding of the subject matter taught and allows us to see the links between individual natural phenomena.