LabIR Edukit

Infrared Camera as an Innovative Teaching Tool

We want to excite children about science using modern technology. Designed for 21st-century education, it is easy to operate with a large touch screen like a tablet, it fits in your hand and the chassis is made on a 3D printer.

Designed specially for teaching

The robust construction of the IR cameras meets the needs and conditions of teaching.

Manufactured in the Czech Republic

Designed and produced by NTC researchers with 20+ years of experience in infrared technologies.

Intuitive interface and simple maintenance

The camera's big display provides provides easy touch control.

What does the Edukit consist of?

IR camera

The basis of Edukit is a unique infrared camera specially designed for children.

Download manual


Edukit also includes the LabIR Free evaluation software for MS Windows.

Download evaluation software

Complementary Tools

We are working on complementary tools and didactic materials that will complement the IR camera in various subjects.

Parameters of the IR camera

Working temperature range
-10 až 50 °C in operation
0 až 40 °C while recharging
Maximal humidity of the air
Measuring distance
from 5 cm
Dimensions of the device
330 x 120 x 100 mm
Lithium-Ion batery (3,65 V, 5500 mAh)
Batery lifetime
> 5 hours
1 On / Off
2 LED diode – recharging
3 LED diode – electronics operational
4 LED dioda – camera operational
5 USB ports
6 RJ45 conector
7 Air cooling output
8 Air cooling input (and filters)
9 IR camera (germanium lens)
10 Visible camera (glass lens)
11 Display
12 Tripod attachment (1/4“)
13 Adapter slot